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There are many misconceptions about addiction. In reality, an alcoholic or a drug addict can look like anyone. They can wear a lab coat, a badge, or boast a uniform festooned with military medals. An addict can look like you. Drug and alcohol dependency come in myriad forms with many faces. Fortunately, addiction treatment in Evanston is only a phone call away.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a degenerative, prolonged condition that is characterized by a compulsion to use no how dire the consequences. Persons who are dependent on drugs or drink will go to any lengths to obtain and use their substance of choice. They may lie, cheat, and steal, to support their habit. They may lose their home, their job, and wreck their marriage. They may discard long-term friends and replace them with drug dealers.

With prolonged drug or alcohol use, lasting brain changes may occur. Some of these modifications can be severe. That's why it's so important for addicts and alcoholics to kick their habits with professional guidance, behavioral counseling, and sometimes, medical intervention. Such addiction treatment in Evanston can be had at well-respected drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Follow up support groups and programs for addiction treatment increase the addict's chances of staying clean and sober for a lifetime. Whether you require dual diagnosis treatment in Evanston or other forms of rehab, a reputable center can help you.

Many people start using drugs or drinking because it feels good at the time. It may allow them to shed social inhibitions. Some start using to escape emotional discomfort. Still, others turn to mind altering substances as a way to fit in with a peer group with which they identify. In truth, it doesn't much difference how someone becomes addicted. The best way out of addiction is to seek professional addiction treatment in Evanston.

How Does Addiction Treatment Work?

The best-known addiction treatment program may be Alcoholics Anonymous. 12-step recovery groups offer a series of steps and guiding principles that help the addict recognize and deal with the source of their dependence on drugs or drink. Sponsors who are experienced in the tenets of the12 steps guide other addicts on the road to recovery. Many mental health and addiction specialists believe that recovery that includes medically approved modalities such as withdrawal medications offer the addict a better chance of recovery.

How Addiction Affects the Brain

Heavy drinking and repeated drug use can have far-reaching changes on the human brain, The changes may range from simple slips of memory to debilitating chronic conditions that require lifetime custodial care. Even a moderate amount of daily drinking may cause short-term impairment, say the National Institutes of Health.

Difficulty walking, slurred speech, blurred vision, and slowed reaction times are only a sampling of the ways drugs and alcohol affect the brain after just a drink or two. In most people, these effects may be seen after a small consumption of alcohol. In an addicted person, the signs may not be so readily evident until they have used more than the average person would. A person who drinks heavily over a long period of time may experience cognitive deficits that last even after they achieve sobriety.

Chronic overstimulation of the brain via addiction to drugs and/or alcohol causes disruption of an imperative biological balance known as homeostasis. When this balance is disturbed by substance abuse, the brain accepts addiction as ‘the new normal.' When this happens, the brain craves the stimulation provided by excessive drink or drugs. Programs for addiction treatment may help addicts limit further damage to their brains.

Should I Enter an Addiction Treatment Center?

If you wish to be rid of your dependence on alcohol or drugs, yes. A drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility could help you very much. If you are worried about drug detox in Evanston, you will be relieved to know that a number of medical options may be used to soothe the discomfort of withdrawal.

Addiction Treatment in Evanston is the right way to go for any addicted man or woman who desires a life of happiness and sobriety. Evanston Alcohol Treatment Centers have helped a lot of people learn to embrace sobriety and optimum health and they can help you if you call (847) 213-9666.

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